Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nelson Mandela And Apartheid

Define Apartheid. Then explain why Nelson Mandela is such a hero. What did he do?
Apartheid: Is a policy that separates differents racial groups, also known as discrimination to people who have different ethic background. (Whites, Blacks, Mixed, Indians)

Nelson Mandela was born in Transkei, South Africa on July 18, 1918. His father Chief Henry Mandela was from Tembu, Tribe. He was well educated at University College of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand and was qualified in law in 1942. Nelson Mandela was a fighter before he was chosen as South Africa's leader. He was a leader in an underground political movement called the African National Congress. He acted out many parts that were against the white-ruled government. He was imprisoned for causing sabotage, and it happened in the year 1963. As he spent his 27 years in jail, he became a symbol of the anti-apartheid campaign. When he was finally released in 1990, he negotiated with the white government to put an end to apartheid. Four years later, he was elected the president of South Africa and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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